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The GHB network provides DHCP service to reduce administrative overhead and make sure the network is easy to use. Once you've switched your network configuration to DHCP you'll get a guest IP assigned. Using that IP you can only access the GHB internal network (including this page where you can register for an account). If one of your guests needs a connection to the internet, please create a host on your account. As soon as you've set the correct MAC address for the host and switched to DHCP, the network will assign an IP address, from which you're allowed to access the internet, to you.


For fast and secure domain resolution, you should use as your primary and as your secondary DNS server. These are internal servers which read from our database and query upstream name servers recursively. When using DHCP, you will automatically receive and use our name servers.


In order to stay up to date, you should use / as your NTP time server. It's synchronized with Upstream NTP servers of Hochschule Furtwangen University and BelWue.