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Terms of use

To be able to cope with the load of 600+ clients (354+ users) and for a stable network, some rules have to be followed. Please read this carefully. Better print it and put it right above your PC.

Section 1

  1. One must only use the IP which has been assigned using the DHCP service.
  2. The name of each computer must equal the hostname at the time of registration. This does also apply to Windows Netbios names (one can change the name of a machine after it was registered)
  3. Programs which produce excessive or unnecessary network load should not be used (if possible). Especially not during the "rush hour".
  4. Every student has to ensure that he/she can be reached under the mail used for registration in an appropriate amount of time.
  5. The NetAdmins reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The NetAdmins may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the services offered on GHB/ASK network at any time without prior notice.

Section 2

The network access is for personal use only and must not be provided to third persons.
Absolutely illegal is further:
  1. the use of programs which cause unnecessary high load on the network
  2. the operation of servers in the GHB network which provide illegal or copyrighted material
  3. the operation of servers in the GHB network which produce excessive network load (e.g. Tor Nodes, I2P Servers, servers for commercial usage, etc.)
  4. sending spam mails
  5. all hacking activity (including port scans)
  6. the logging/analysis of TCP connections (sniffing)
  7. spoofing of MAC and IP addresses
  8. creating multiple accounts
  9. any deception of the NetAdmins
  10. traffic stealing
  11. the usage of your internet connection for commercial purposes
Furthermore the terms of use of the data center of the HFU, as well as their ISP (BelWü) / DFN do apply.
Violation of the terms in section 2, usually lead to a immediate and permanent lockdown of the network access and consequently to a exclusion of further usage of the GHB network. In extreme cases legal measures will be taken, which might result in a removal from the register of students (especially in cases of intentional hacking attempts or distribution of illegal material using the GHB network).
If one violates the terms in section 1, the access is shut down (at least) until the incident has been clarified. In case of a repeated violation, the network access can be permanently disabled in order to ensure a stable network for the other users.
Subnet provider are obliged to physically disconnect a user of their network immediately at order of a NetAdmin in case of a violation of the rules above. If the subnet provider should not follow that request in appropriate time, the network access of the provider (and therefore the one of the violator) can be disabled.
The network is automatically being monitored for IP theft, network load, portscans, etc.
A subscriber avowes herself to accept that the data needed for administration is saved in a database.
Users are explicitly advised to install the latest security patches and are obliged to ensure their machine does not execute any kind of harmful code or viruses. Violating this appendix does result in a immediate termination of the network access.