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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is it about this traffic limit and what does it mean for me

  • We have to count the data traffic of every resident because of huge demands between Großhausberg and Furtwangen University during peak time.
  • The traffic limit includes 25 GB Highspeed Internet per seven days with no Limit of Speed. If a resident exceeds this limit, his speed of the internet access will be reduced to 16 MBit Down- and Upload with no further limit of data volume until his accounted data volume falls under the 25 GB again. But however, if you are ok with 16 MBit you can use as much traffic as you want. But please keep in mind, that sometimes when our system reduces your speed there may result higher ping times.
  • The limit counts for seven days. That means that for every new day the traffic of the last of the seven days is removed.
  • Every resident has to control his own traffic constantly.
  • There is no possibility to make any exceptions. There are no separate treatments of the traffic regardless of the excuse. If the connection is actually reduced because of traffic exceedance, you can go to Furtwangen University. There is no limit at all.

  • Help! I lost my Login/Password.

    Please open a Ticket.

    Help! My Internet isn't working!!

    Please check if your Traffic isn't used up. Is there some Traffic free? Please write a Ticket in our ticket system. Always remember your Traffic insn't deleted once in a week, only the last day in the list.

    Help! I can't browse to the GHB-website.

    There can be two reasons. Your hardware is broken (broken Wire or broken network jack) or we've blocked your internetaccess for bad behavior (like IP-thievery). Please write in both cases a Ticket in our ticket system.

    How do I connect to the internet?

    1. Connect your network cable to your computer.
    2. Type into your browser
    3. Register yourself and LOGIN. (You only need to register, when you haven't already an account)
    4. Create an Host (My Account -> Host -> "Create Host").
    5. "Hostname" is the name of your computer.
    6. "MAC" should be preconfigured. (Also check the section "I'd like to use my Router here in the GHB." or "Where is my MAC-Address?" when you register from a different computer).
    7. "Firewall" should be setted on "Windows Workstation".
    8. Click on "Submit".
    9. Wait until an Admin accept your Account. (Only for new registrations.)
    10. Restart your computer.

    Where is my MAC-address?

    The MAC-address consists of 12 characters (0-9, A-F) e.g.: 00:1BF:4A:3D:98:4E

    1. Router (other manufacturer then TP-Link): On the back of your device.
    2. TP-Link Router: Login to the Webinterface of your Router and look for the WAN MAC-Address. The MAC-Address on the back of your router is in case of TP-Link the MAC address of the LAN ports and usually only one digit different to the WAN MAC-Address you need.
    3. Windows: Start -> search for "cmd" -> open "cmd.exe" -> enter "ipconfig /all" and confirm -> the 12-digit string (Physical Address) in the sub-item "Ethernet Adapter "(the one with the most text) is your MAC-address.
    4. Mac OS X: Open over your Finder a Terminal -> enter "ifconfig" and confirm -> you'll find your MAC-address under "HWaddr" in the sub-item "en0".
    5. Linux: Open a Terminal (depending on your desktopenvironment how) -> enter "ifconfig" and confirm -> you'll find your MAC-address under "HWaddr" in the sub-item "$whatever$0" (mostly "eth0", "p1p1").

    I'd like to use the internet with my Phone/Laptop over WLAN.

    It's possible when you use an Router/a Access Point. For best performance and as many devices as you want choose a Router which is able to make NAT. Just registere the MAC of the WAN Port of the router in your Host configuration.

    I'd like to use my Router here in the GHB.

    To use your Router in the GHB, you have to create an new host under MyAccount -> Hosts -> "createHost". Set a name for your Router and enter the MAC-address on the back of your device. For the Firewall "Windows Workstation" is ok.

    You're suggesting to use a Router/an Access Point or Switch. What should I buy?

    We mainly suggest you to buy a Router. A Router is using NAT and creates an own Subnet. In this Subnet you can connect as many clients as you want and you still have only to register one host (your router) on the GHB-Website.
    An Access Point/Switch is only an extention for your Networkbus in your room. When you connect an Access Point/Switch you have to register all hosts you want to connect to the outer network.
    Please don't buy an ADSL-Router. A recommendation is the "TP-Link TL-WR1043ND" (~45€) or the TP-Link TL-WR841N (18€). If you want to get the full Downloadspeed buy the Archer, if you just want to have some internet for your Smartphone/Tablet buy the cheaper one.

    I'd like to use my third computer.

    Please open a Ticket.

    How do i delete an old host?

    After LOGIN MyAccount -> Hosts -> click "ToDeletedHost" -> "delete Host". Make sure that the host has no more traffic left.

    I move this Semester in an other room.

    Please don't create a new account. After LOGIN on "MyAccount" -> "request room change". Enter your new room and wait for confirmation.

    My traffic is over 25 GB. RESET!!!

    NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. We'll never do this again. 25GB highspeed Internet is enough for normal internet usage.

    I've written a Ticket and haven't an answer after 5 minutes!!!!!!!

    This could be, because we run this job on a volunteer basis and do not always find the time to respond to your tickets immediately. Patience is here the key.